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Visit of foreign researchers

2020-05-19T18:19:12+01:00 19 May, 2020|

In February 2020, several professors and researchers from the Constantine III University (Algeria) visited us to learn about the facilities of our research group. Various scientific collaborations have been arranged, [...]


Visit to Constantine III University (Algeria)

2020-05-19T18:19:45+01:00 19 May, 2020|

Researchers Casimiro Mantell Serrano and Juan Ramón Portela Miguélez were invited to give two conferences at the “International Conference of Waste Treatment and Valorization”, which took place in the city [...]


Ph.D. Thesis of Mª del Cisne Guamán Balcázar

2019-11-26T12:26:45+01:00 26 November, 2019|

The Doctoral Thesis "Precipitation and encapsulation of mango leaves antioxidants extracts using supercritical technology" was presented by Mª del Cisne Guamán Balcázar in November 13th 2019 obtaining the máximum [...]


Ph.D. Thesis of Makrina Artemis Chairopoulou

2019-07-11T12:27:58+01:00 11 July, 2019|

The Doctoral Thesis "Particle production by algae" was presented by Makrina Artemis Chairopoulou in February 9th 2019 obtaining the máximum qualification. The Thesis was directed by Dr. Clara Pereyra [...]


Ph. D. Thesis (Cristina Cejudo)

2019-03-15T10:50:22+01:00 15 March, 2019|

The Doctoral Thesis "Supercritical impregnation of natural extracts into food preservation" was presented by Cristina Cejudo Bastante in February 2019 obtaining the máximum qualification and with international mention. The Thesis [...]