Ph.D. Thesis of Mr. Francisco Javier Ruíz Jorge

2023-03-23T10:13:05+01:00 23 March, 2023|

The Doctoral Thesis "Hydrothermal Synthesis of LiFePO4 micro and nanoparticles for Lithium-Ion-batteries manufacturing" was presented by Mr. Francisco Javier Ruíz Jorge in february 17th 2023 obtaining the máximum qualification. [...]


26ª Research Meeting of Supercritical Fluid processes

2023-02-07T11:48:43+01:00 16 July, 2021|

1.Goals and perspectives of 2021 (IP: E. Martínez de la Ossa). 2.Presentations. Lidia Verano: Thesis Doctoral proposal. Juan José Mascarell: New insights in energetic valorization of surfactants by HTL and [...]