Award from the Cepsa Foundation

2019-03-12T19:48:04+01:00 10 July, 2018|

The research line "Reaction engineering at high pressure " receives an award from the Cepsa Foundation. Specifically, it is the first award for patents in the energy sector, for [...]


Cátedra Verinsur Award

2019-03-12T19:48:04+01:00 9 July, 2018|

Juan Ramón Portela received the first prize of innovative technologies for the valorization of waste with the project entitled "Valorization of organic wastes by hydrothermal technologies". June 2017. [...]


Ph. D. Defense (José Manuel Benjumea)

2019-03-12T19:48:05+01:00 4 May, 2018|

On Friday, May 19th, 2017 Jose Manuel Benjumea defended his doctoral thesis entitled "DESIGN AND OPTIMIZATION OF OXIDATION PLANTS IN SUPERCRITICAL WATER: APPLICATION TO AGRO-FOOD RESIDUES" whose directors are the [...]